Guide for the HOTH3:
  • The trails are set on the Friday closest to the Full Moon. (See calendar at the bottom of the page..)
  • The Trails are under 3 miles
  • The 'HARE' will call the Start Point and publish this information a week in advance to the Hill Country Mailing List.
  • The 'TRAIL' will be operated in the 'JACK' style: the HARE will conduct the chalk-talk and then be given ten minutes to set opening trail.
  • The hound that catches the HARE then becomes the HARE with the same guidelines, ten minutes to lay trail and hand off to the next FRB hound.
  • It would be nice to have an area planned for the ON-IN and even perhaps an ON-After . . . .

Call the Hash Hotline for updated hashing info: 254-286-0444
For more information email Miss Management.