Swill Team 2 Hare Suggestions


So you have hared at other kennels and hash clubs, good for you, we look forward to your contribution.

Everyone likes a good trail, we just like to avoid the PI (Pavement Idiot!)

Swill Team 2 is a little different,as a Team 2 Hoperator, we carry our beer checks and leave no can behind.  The trails can be as simple or difficult as you feel you can make it while lying it live!

Yes, Live Trail

Live trail with multiple beer checks!

Since you are laying a Swill Team 2 trail, you have but to alert us of the details via the email group.  Please give us at least two weeks notice, some of us aren't from'round y'hare...
Think of it as a 'Flash Mob Wizard Staff' just without the tape (you have a beerdaleer) so if you want participation you better think about a venue that a majority of us can make.
Shiggy, we all love shiggy, hell my best shiggy so far was waist high cactus both pencil and prickly pear.
Water, well remember, we are carrying our beer.

Unless you like giving everyone a ride back to the start or circle point, you might want to examine the uses of "A to A or A to A' " trails so that we can find our way home!

And please, don't be like this guy , no one really likes one of those individuals who feel they need to lay this trail that screws the rest of us, you are laying a live trail and the pak will find you.  Thant's how the trails work.

Some reminders about Swill Team Trails

  1.  We all meet up, based on your directions, trail times will start at HIGH NOON!

  2. you conduct chalk talk, drink your first beer, take off, and we give you 10 minutes

  3. You will lay trail until you feel it is time for BEER

  4. Mark the BEER Check, then wait for the pak,
        when the current FRB arrives, you get to open your beer
        when the current DFL arrives,
            you finish your beer and get 5 minutes to continue laying trail to the next beer check

  5. Continue laying trail in this manner until you have concluded 4 beer checks
        (if you are providing beer for circle, then you can think about 5 or 6 beer checks prior to circle)

  6. On-In:  You are the hare so you will see who is the FRB/FBI
                If one of the Regional Assholes is not present, then you seek assistance for conducting circle
                Otherwise, recognize your pak, set up the on after


See who will be the next hare


If you want to lay a trail,

  1. find and scout a good start point, need parking and low visibility to prevent visits from the LEOs.

  2. Scout an area that will allow you to conduct trail, preferably in shiggy

  3. look for a good area for circle, again we don't need LEOs visiting us!

  4. Pick a date from the calendar on the website

  5. send Shaft and email with the details